Welcome to 1 Fine Cookie! A blog about food and sweets with a unique twist!

I am a loud-mouthed Bostonian (or Masshole, if you prefer) with an unhealthy obsession for cooking and baking. The early years… or “B.C.”: Before Chef as I like to refer to it, was the time I spent as a child between Massachusetts and California.  My unfortunate diet consisted of chicken fingers and Marie Calendar’s frozen pudding pie. I had the palate of a turtle, really. Life would have remained perpetually boring if it were not for my mother. She attended culinary school and became a chef, changing my attitude towards food forever.

Through my mother’s practicum years, our kitchen quickly became a test lab with bubbling pots, steaming dishes and stretching sugars. I began to opt out of my regular playtime activities- such as cutting troll doll hair and trying to convince my siblings not to body slam me- for quality kitchen time. Hours were spent perched on my trusty step-stool, peeking over the counter as my mother cooked and slapped my grubby little pilfering fingers (she’s such a multi-tasker).

One joyous holiday, I asked for and received an Easy Bake Oven. Unfortunately, I soon realized that I would eventually be required to learn to bake the more authentic way. My mother could only haul ass over to Toys”R”Us for so more Easy Bake cake mixes. For real.

My fascination with food slowly grew, marked by a brief lull during the Dark Ages: college. The absence of culinary refinement was most conveniently backed up by my trusty second-stringer: alcohol. Chocolate syrup and peppermint schnapps! Who would have thought?

After college my appetite was salvaged by Sunday family food fests. Relatives would gather at my parent’s abode for a day of cooking and tasting. With a full stomach and new inspiration, it was back to my own kitchen in my own apartment (ahem shoebox). I used the few tools I had to practice techniques and creativity my mother had inspired within me.

I now am the proud owner of a fabulous baking business, 1 Fine Cookie. My food will reflect me, of course. Stubborn opinions and all:
1.    Split pea soup is just wrong. So wrong.
2.    The best types of food reside on sticks or in cups.
3.    The smaller and more bite-sized, the better it tastes. I don’t know why but it’s true.
4.    Everything ought to be accompanied by, or cooked/baked with alcohol.
5.    In case you weren’t informed, bacon is truly nature’s greatest  miracle.  Amen.

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