So candy vodka is nothing new. Well, at least Skittle vodka. Done and overdone a million times.


I have not seen, however, too many other versions out there. I like a good challenge, so I chose four different candies. I also went with the green candy in accordance with the upcoming Saint Patrick’s day. […]

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Technically, in addition to being Irish, Guinness is also part African. Or part Canadian. Supposedly it is also brewed in Australia as well. Whatever.




Guinness will forever be the most  clichéd association with Saint Patrick’s day. It will therefore also become an increasingly banal focus within Saint Patty’s recipes.


Practically anyone […]

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Everyone is in official freak out mode.

“I can’t wait for fall!”

“Fall is here, I’m sooo excited. Love.”

“Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year!”

“Omg I heart October.”

It’s like mother nature is passing out crack to everyone. People are running around, gushing and crying over pumpkin bread, pea coats, and falling leaves.

Chilaxx people.


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Okay, so sometimes we get caught up with the hecticness which we call life. I get it. Especially after a 14 hour work day. So sometimes you need something a little more quick and simple. Now if you buy fast food and microwave meals then comment about how much work a recipe takes, that’s different. You’re just laazzzzzy. […]

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